Learnership Opportunity in Diepsloot or Daveyton

If you were part of Southern Africa Youth Project before

We have a learnership opportunity for you

Diepsloot and Daveyton Please send your cv to Tsakani Rikhotso at Tsakani@southernafricayouth.org

For more information call 011 071 1903 during office hours 8-4

Changing the way boys think about themselves and their families

At Southern Africa Youth Project we host boys and men’s sessions to all the boys participating in and out of school programs in the organization

Through these programs these young people are able to prove to us that they have learnt different ways of doing things from the norms and cultural ways in which made them be abusive and led them to encountering problems especially when they grow up

Southern Africa Youth Project ensures that  boys and young men changed the way they think about themselves and their families

Today at Southern Africa Youth Project

Diepsloot, a group of youth participating in our Skills2succeed today decided (under the leadership of Rico Nyathi) go out of the class room environment to have important discussions

Human Rights Awareness is the key pillar of Southern Africa Youth Project

They had discussions on the issues in which young people in communities faces in townships and rural areas. This also helps us in gathering how we can be able to change the way young people think about themselves. In this situation they are also able to learn from one another that it is not only one child that faces the situation


Capacity Building for Youth

Southern Africa Youth have centres dedicated to providing technical and accredited training in various scarce and required skills to underprivileged youth aged 18 to 35 years. We training them in work readiness workshops, and critical skills training

Recruitment and Job Placements for Unemployed Youth

Southern Africa Youth has a recruitment center specifically for unemployed youth in underprivileged areas in South Africa. Through partnerships with potential employers, Southern Africa Youth place unemployed and underprivileged youth in sustainable employment.

When they are gone

At Southern Africa Youth Project we are alway excited to welcome new beneficiaries to the organization.

Join like minded people like you by just simply walking into our center

Are you looking for a Job

Southern Africa Youth Project invites youth between 18 – 25 to visit our center for free job applications

We assist youth to apply for jobs with different companies

Some of the companies that have employed our learners

Fidelity, Foschini, Identity, Intercape, Jacksons, Kat’s Cafe, Luks Brands, Mcdonalds, Monte De Dios, Netzone, Pick n Pay, PQ Clothing Outlet, Protea Coin, Revert, Roco Mamas, Shell, Stallion Security, Steers, Stocklink, StopWash, Fairprice, Ster Kinekor, AT, Boxer Hyper, Burger King, Cash Build, Checkers, Chicken Licken, Local Schools, Churches, NPOs, Herron Bridge

Visit us anytime for more information

Short Course in Waiter

Register for a short program as a Waiter

Southern Africa Youth Project invites young people between 18 – 35 who are interested in finding employment as Waitering staff. This program is designed for those interested to work in the hospitality space.

We herewith invite you to come to Southern Africa Youth Project to find out more and what you could benefit by participating in such a project.


This program has been made possible by Gauteng Department of Social Development

Short Course in Cashier – Counter Person

Southern Africa Youth Project invites you to register for a program in Cashier – Counter Person. This program has been created for first-time employees who are going to work in the Wholesale and Retails (Shops). This program has been made possible by the Department of Social Development.

Learning Outcomes of this program

  • What is a cashier
  • General Team Rules
  • Appearance standards
  • Crew
  • Standard of Conduct
  • Procedures
  • and a lot more

To register for this program. Visit any of our center for more information

Short Course in Point of Sale/Cash Register Terminal

Southern Africa Youth Project in partnership with the Department of Social Development invites young people between 18 – 35 to register for a short program in Cash Register Terminal

Outcomes of this program

How to operate a Point-of-Sale Equipment
Setting up and closing down a cash register
Clearing cash from the register
Security relating to cash handling
Holding proper amounts of change
Security at the Point of Sale
Solving transactional errors
Maintaining documentation stock at the Point of Sale
Dealing with delays at the Point of Sale

To register for this program. Visit our Center in Diepsloot


Short programme in Microsoft Office

Southern Africa Youth Project has introduced a program in Microsoft Office. The program is designed to provide skills in the following packages

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • MS PowerPoint
  • and Internet Explorer

To enroll for this type of program visit any of our centers to register for the opportunity

For directions to Diepsloot and Daveyton contact 011 071 1903 or email: info@southernafricayouth.org

Skills to Succeed class in Diepsloot

Diepsloot, Southern Africa Youth Project has engaged with partners to offer Skills2Succeed Program for 300 Youth in Diepsloot. Part of our partnership is to ensure that we provide skills that young people are able to:

  • Prepare for the working world
  • Plan right careers
  • Prepare for the job interview

With this initiative we will ensure that we prepare these young people for the working world and for them to enroll in other programs

Diepsloot Youth Center

The Diepsloot Youth Center has program aimed at Youth in Risk in and out of school, looking at those who dropped out of school, rehabilitation clients and those who are unemployed. The program was founded in the dawn of 2008 where at a research we found out that in Diepsloot there is a huge need for information, advice, mentorship, guidance to the Youth which leads them to having negative role models who looks after them. We feel establishing this program or after installation of the program that our services will enable them to be responsible citizens within the community and for them to be responsible to whatever that they are doing

The program was founded in the dawn of 2008 where at a research we found out that in Diepsloot there is a huge need for information, advice, mentorship, guidance to the Youth which leads them to having negative role models who looks after them. We feel establishing this program or after installation of the program that our services will enable them to be responsible citizens within the community and for them to be responsible to whatever that they are doing

Be a hero to someone

Our Hero’s, how does one get that title? We are all a hero to someone whether we know it direct or not.

South Africa needs more heroes to grow into a better nation.

In my angle of view, I describe a hero using one quote from Nelson Mandela which says, it is better to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur, you take the front line when there is a danger, then people will appreciate your leadership. That to me is a hero.

The founder of SayPro is one hero, also as the writer, I like to mention quite often, not because no one else has done a lot for the community but because he is but a Hero, a leader, and a philanthropist.


We are fighting a war to change the way the youth view themselves, equip them with potent weapon (education) to tackle the future, with the right training no one can ever be oppressed by any other individual.

The right time to make a change is now; we must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.it may however seem impossible but when you try you will make it.


Our findings about rural areas and townships

We are all aware that educations increase chances of youth finding employment, yet most of the young people are coming from poor families who cannot afford to pay for their studies.


  • Young people need life skills that will influence their thinking capacity and change their mindset.
  • Young people need vocational training that will lead them to employment opportunities.
  • Young people need to be supported with short courses that will help them to compete in Job market such as (Cashier, Waiter and Customer Care) since 55% of them do not have matric certificates in the areas we operate.
  • Young people who have potential in entrepreneurship needs entrepreneurial trainings and motivations, as it has been estimated that 3 out of 10 young people who are born in township and operating their businesses there, fails to maintain their income generating initiatives after three months of its establishments or operations due to lack of fundamental skills, information, and resources.
  • Young people need more of practical skills that will enable them to be expertise in different fields and be able to create different of opportunities for themselves and people around them.

Where we work

Though our research in regards to areas which we are operating and responding to youth needs and economic challenges, we have realized that the Daveyton Township has a population of over (797,014) of people, while Diepsloot has a population of (138329) people (Census 2011). A large number of people who are located in those areas are mostly young people who are between the age of 16-28 years.

The highest percentages of people who are mostly negatively affected by socio-economic challenges are youth between the ages of 16 to 28 years. The dreadful challenges which the mentioned target group is facing include the high rate of unemployment, unskillful, raised from poor families which most they live in households with a per capita income of less than R600 per month.

We change girls and boys Mindsets

Most people think one has to have a lot of money to start making a difference in the lives of others or be a certain age. But Neftaly Malatjie is living proof that we can all make a difference regardless of our age and social status. He’s a social entrepreneur who helps others better their own lives by offering training in life skills and entrepreneurship. He founded the original Diepsloot Youth Project as a drama group with his own money in 2005 at the age of 14 which has since evolved to become the Southern Africa Youth Project. With hard work, dedication and a great team behind him, he has built a solid organisation that has provided a wide range of services to 6 000 youths in South Africa and other Southern African countries. While the organisation has achieved a lot, he has his sights on bigger things and recently moved to the head office at Riversands Incubation Hub. We spoke to him to find out more about the organisation and future plans.

What does your organisation do?
Southern Africa Youth Project is a regional youth development organisation that strives to change the way the youth thinks about themselves by providing a wide range of services that enable communities to be self-reliant and developmental in their approach. We have a programme called “Poverty2Job” that is made up of:

  • Youth Development and Community Development;
  • Skills Development and Training; and
  • Job Placement and Entrepreneurship.

Can you tell me more about your background, for example where you studied and worked before starting the company?
I was born in Tzaneen, Limpopo before relocating to Gauteng, Diepsloot and this is where I grew up, attended school and after matric, I went to college and then formalised the organisation.

Why did you take the entrepreneurial route?
I have a passion for community development and I am an entrepreneur at heart. Like other many other people, I grew up in a community with harsh living conditions and a lack of opportunities – instead of being despondent, I saw the need to start a youth development organisation in order to change the lives of young people in the townships of Diepsloot and Daveyton.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an entrepreneur and how have you overcome them?
The biggest challenge was getting funding to implement our activities. Many people thought my idea wouldn’t work more especially because I didn’t even have money to provide the group with lunch as well as finance transport and costumes in the early days. But I didn’t give up – my passion for community development kept me focused and I used all the criticism as motivation to work towards my goal.

There are many youth centres out there, what sets your organisation apart?
We offer long-term solutions to address socio-economic issues. Our training helps equip young people with skills that are applicable in the working world. This then helps them create sustainability through employment. It’s unlike giving them food parcels which can be finished within a week and results in them facing the same problem.

Why did you decide to move to Riversands Incubation Hub?
The reason we moved into the Hub is because we hope to have a better chance of partnering with other companies and it is located not far from Diepsloot, which is where one of our branches is based.

What kind of impact do you hope moving into Riversands will have on your company?
We hope our organisation will get exposure and grow considering the number of other companies which are now potential partners and investors.

Going forward, what are you hoping to achieve as an organisation?
We’re hoping that we’ll be able to cater to people in other countries and change the lives of more young people.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Southern Africa Youth Project would like to urge every company to invest a little towards changing the life of just one child either through a bursary or any means of help because the youth is the future of our country.

Soutehrn Africa Youth Project is an Oracle Certified Academy

Oracle Academy courses are designed to provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in areas of computer science that are universally in high demand across computing jobs

We offer the following programs


This is to thank the partnership we have with Oracle Academy and other information technology partners for enabling us to roll out this programs in rural areas and townships

SayPro is a recognized and an accredited IT training provider

Southern Africa Youth Project is registered and accredited with MICT SETA to training in the field of Information technology

We are accredited for over 50 short courses in the field of IT and the following national certificates

Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)
No. SAQA ID Description Credits
1 49077 National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing 130
2 78964 Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support 163
3 78965 Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development 165


Youth activist and entrepreneur, Neftaly Malatjie, is the recipient of the Inyathelo award for Philanthropy in Youth Development.

Neftaly is the founder and CEO of The Southern Africa Youth Project which is an organisation dedicated to change the way that young people think of themselves. There are currently three branches in Atok, Daveyton and Diepsloot.
Neftaly describes Diepsloot, the community where he first established the Southern Africa Youth Project as being a united community but one that is mired in frustration. He says: “People get frustrated that the promises they receive are not fulfilled, whether those promises are made on behalf of politicians or any other people coming into the community to deliver a service.” Neftaly saw the effects of living in continued frustration and with limited opportunity on young people. “So many young people migrate from the rural areas to Johannesburg on the assumption that they will live a better life, and when they get there the situation doesn’t match what they hoped for. Instead they find that they come to areas like Diepsloot which are highly overpopulated and where they have to fight for basic survival and where they lose confidence and hope and they turn to unhappy ways of making money, because they have to survive.

The Southern African Youth Project changes the way young people think about themselves through projects and programmes that give young people life skills. Typically a group of young people are enrolled in life skills and capacity building short courses and then they are linked to opportunities for employment or entrepreneurial openings through the SAYP.

The SAYP tries to put in place a support structure and basic systems that are able to help direct young people to start planning, learning useful basic skills, improving their education and learning how to make the most of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that are available to them. Since 2011 more than 1500 young people have received training and been introduced to employment opportunities through the Southern African Youth Project.
Neftaly is quietly adamant that what he wants to see is a generation able to take charge of their lives and their circumstances because they are prepared for what crosses their paths. SAYP runs a series of courses that cover, life skills training, training in wholesale, retail, hospitality and IT. All courses are certified and generally last for three months. In addition to courses which build professional skills participants are also introduced to life skills short courses. At the end of the three months, the SAYP attempts to match employers and employees.
The SAYP serves as a central node for employers who indicate their needs and the SAYP staff do the initial application and testing process for employers, who are then presented with viable options for fulfilment of their vacancy needs.

Neftaly practices what he preaches. He continues to work in ways that ensures that the SAYP is not dependent on a single donor and that part of its income needs are met through self-sustaining projects. His most recently established project is that of Zubuntu Bricks. Five men are employed on a lot in Diepsloot where they make bricks by hand using crushed sand, cement and water. Their goal is to move from their current sales of approximately 12 pallets of bricks to 30 pallets of bricks per day. Profits from this venture are ploughed into supporting the Southern Africa Youth Project.

Neftaly firmly believes that his role as CEO of SAYP is to ensure the young people whom come through the programmes are not reliant on other people for their futures but take ownership of their mistakes and their successes to build strong lives.

Neftaly Malatjie recognized as Inyathelo Philanthropy in Youth Development Award

Neftaly has been recognized by Inyathelo as the Philanthropy in Youth Development Award.

The award for philanthropy in youth development went to Gauteng activist and entrepreneur Neftaly Malatjie, the founder and CEO of The Southern Africa Youth Project. The organisation has branches in Atok, Daveyton and Diepsloot. Typically, young people are enrolled in life skills and capacity-building short courses and then linked to job or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Inyathelo acting executive director, Nomfundo Walaza, said that the awards are part of Inyathelo’s commitment to building a vibrant democracy in South Africa.

“Our awards seek to inspire others to give by recognising the incredible role models who live and work among us. Philanthropists pay a critical role in benefitting society through their interest, passion, generosity and foresight.

“At Inyathelo we hope that in acknowledging the individuals who commit their funds and resources to better the lives of others, we will encourage others to do the same.”

The guest speaker was Sangu Delle, a dynamic Ghanaian entrepreneur and social activist known for his non-profit work helping under-developed communities to access clean water, sanitation and basic human rights.

SayPro staff dedicated to transforming young minds

Southern Africa Youth Project staff dedicated to changing the way young people think about themselves

We have changed from charity to a development institution where our focus is to ensure that we enable young people to become professionals.

Southern Africa Youth Projects operates in 3 provinces of South Africa (Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo) changing the way communities think about themselves. We can never do this without the generous support from government, corporates and institutions.

Our team are dedicated to giving referral services, skills and to link young people to jobs and opportunities

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project to be part of creating change to the communities in need.

School entrepreneurship program 180 girls high school

[fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text]

Southern Africa Youth Project in 2014 launched a 5-year entrepreneurial development program for 180 girls in 3 schools of Diepsloot Community.


We have partnered with Rabasotho Combined, Diepsloot Secondary and Itirele Secondary School in Diepsloot. The aim of this project was to provide these girls with entrepreneurial skills, educational support, and leadership development


Southern Africa Youth Project launched this project with an aim to:

  • Increase the girl’s entrepreneurial interest whilst in high school
  • Ensure that girls lead community development initiatives for social change
  • Engage girls in leadership development initiatives founded and facilitated by themselves
  •  Provide psychosocial support for these girls
  • Provide sexual education on violence in schools for the girls and boys as catalysts for change


Southern Africa Youth Project is in its 4 year phase of this project where girls are now empowered to change the way they think about themselves