The borrower is a Slave to the lender by Zibu MaSotobe

Words to LIVE by:

“The rich rule OVER the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender” Proverbs 22:7!

That ???? is why you should NOT lend money to friends or family!! remember that we cannot control the effect that debt has on relationships, debt does that independently of what we want ?

The borrower is slave to the lender and when you give a good friend money, you change the spiritual dynamic of the relationship. This is why the quickest way to lose friends is to borrow money to them, you think you are helping however because you are giving them debt you are in effect enslaving them.

Spiritually they know that ?? truth and they are no longer your work colleague, confidant, cousin, they become your slave suddenly going out with you is not so comfortable (Who want to go to dinner with their Master for fun? ?)

It’s not worth IT!! I cannot count families and friends who have been lost great relationships over loans ?? ? and the relationship was worth MUCH more. From today please note the following:

Call your friend who owed you money that you miss and tell them that the debt is forgiven ?? that it has been transformed to a gift in ALL honesty so start with being sincere in this decision.

Tell your friend or family that the only way they can repay you is by giving to someone else in the same position and they must also NEVER loan out money to family or friends.

It is fine to GIVE money to friends or family who are in need if you have the money, but loaning out the money is NOT the solution my people!! It creates resentment and this morning I need you to know that it’s not your friend who is wrong, it’s YOU.

Your friend needed help and you enslaved them because that is what you were taught!! Please release them, when I say debt free I mean in ALL respects the term “Good Debt” was probably developed by a Public Relations firm on behalf of a bank ??.

Good Morning South Africa, call your friend, cousin, daughter, brother, uncle, mother whatever amount it was, it’s not worth the relationship you lost.