The debt level situation by Zibu MaSotobe

Assess YOUR level:

I knew her by name, Lebo from the bank who called me every.single.week to ask when I would be making payment on my vehicle account. After 3 missed payments she called me and said “Sisi I can’t help you, if I handover this file they will track and recover the car”

I was in stage 6 and struggling to stay afloat, I could have borrowed money from a child by then ? the stress, the isolation, the humiliation and the agony. Research has found that 1 in 4 people with mental illness in the UK are in debt or arrears and dept is linked to depression, anxiety and suicide.

Those ???? are the 7 stages in the debt spiral, the challenge ALWAYS is that most people do not recognize Stages 1 – 3 as a problem.

Ofcourse 95% of SA home owners are on permanent stage 2 where they pay penalties on their home repayments which the banks DELIBERATELY structure them to be paid in Arrears ?? ensuring a lifetime of penalties ?.

Stage 6 is the MOST painful, it literally feels like drowning!! This is when most people FINALLY lose the pride and ask for help (by most people I mean me) it took me a loooong time to realise that my personal worth is not linked to my net worth and that failing at something I knew nothing about was no shame!!

I was educated, successful but had never ONCE had a class to teach me about managing a Cheque account ??, I knew WHAT to do with my money I just never learnt HOW and what never to do.

You wouldn’t dare try and operate on a pregnant woman because you realise that you are not qualified, yet every month you handle money and end up having no idea where it went!

The personal finance revolution is about you taking charge of your finances and reversing that cycle from 7 to 6 to 5, all the way to zero and I’m here to help you.