Diepsloot where some call it home and some call it

Extracted from one of Diepsloot residents

Good morning friend

Today allow me to talk about crime that makes us afraid to walk along our streets.
In ext 12 which is called Adelade Tambo informal settlement the rate of crime is too high,which makes sense to inform people that in the whole Diepsloot Area crime rate is running at about 75% where school children and women are being raped,Thugs are waiting for people on our grouds and as well entering homes forcefully need money,clothings and
cellphones,this is our problem as South African dwellers so I wanna know to other sides of this country about crime and to you my friends what do you think should happen to clean this country and to make it safe?

lets all be free to talk either politically or not….asikhulume bantu bakithi.