Our findings about rural areas and townships

We are all aware that educations increase chances of youth finding employment, yet most of the young people are coming from poor families who cannot afford to pay for their studies.


  • Young people need life skills that will influence their thinking capacity and change their mindset.
  • Young people need vocational training that will lead them to employment opportunities.
  • Young people need to be supported with short courses that will help them to compete in Job market such as (Cashier, Waiter and Customer Care) since 55% of them do not have matric certificates in the areas we operate.
  • Young people who have potential in entrepreneurship needs entrepreneurial trainings and motivations, as it has been estimated that 3 out of 10 young people who are born in township and operating their businesses there, fails to maintain their income generating initiatives after three months of its establishments or operations due to lack of fundamental skills, information, and resources.
  • Young people need more of practical skills that will enable them to be expertise in different fields and be able to create different of opportunities for themselves and people around them.