No one fails to plan you just fail to plan by Zibu MaSotobe

No one plans to fail, YOU just fail to plan!!

Do you have a plan for your money? have you planned for your death? How will both be successful events if you haven’t allocated time to plan what you want and how you want it?

How much do you want your family to pay for your funeral? Where do you want to be buried? which cemetery or which rural home (because by the time you go it might cost 200K for a plot to bury you ?)

Do you want people to waste money buying new black outfits, do you want the whole fashion show of your friends cars? What DOES matter to you?

To live like the top 2% of the world, you have to LIVE differently!! Stop going with the crowd and stand in what is real with YOU!! Must your wife buy a 110K coffin to “prove” how much she loved you? Must the family hire catered for 500 people who won’t eat your food?

Can your funeral not be at 08:00 – 09:00 in the morning at your church to allow the living to proceed to work? What should happen to the children? Are you aware that the life cover you have will start by settling the Million rand bond, then the 230K for the car and all othe credit cards BEFORE what’s left is put into an estate?

Who must be the executor of the estate? Are you aware that a side chick with your baby can delay your estate by fighting for executors hip? What would that do to your family?

Don’t be a messy adult because you were avoiding thinking a and answering critical questions about your life!! PLAN

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