When they tell you to solve debt with debt by Zibu Masotobe

A Trap!!

Financial institutions started a rumor…… They said there was a solution that could take away all your pain.

Your relationships are strained, working hard and trying desperately to get another income stream just so that you can breathe.

The month end is a curse because you don’t know whom to pay and what to avoid in order to make it the rest of the month, it gets so bad that you are using a loan to pay other loans and buying food on your woolworths credit card ??

They promise you that this loan will pay off ALL your loans and instead of 6-8 payments you will have 1 low payment, it sound like a dream…… DONT!!

It’s only your desperation that’s hiding the truth that you can’t get out of debt by getting more! ? it’s like being stuck in a hole and someone says that you should dig deeper to get out!!

The reality is that getting out of debt needs a plan, support and knowledge!! The consolidation loan has lower repayments because it’s over a longer term, infact it may cost much more than your 8 loans divided.

Do not even THINK about borrowing against your bond ?? to pay off debt, the first step is realizing that debt is a SYMPTOM!!! the real problem is that you are overspending and not making enough money.

Joining network marketing and getting more money fixes one of the causes but if you don’t fix the cause, you invite a life of stress every month.

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