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GENDER-based violence is taking human rights away

Southern Africa Youth Project implements the Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Program dedicated to enabling young women and the youth to better deal with social shocks that are associated with violence and crimes in their city, town, rural area or township.

Southern Africa Youth Project cannot do this without our stakeholders and partners who had made it possible for us to do this.



Southern Africa Youth Project listens to the needs and challenges the Youth faces



Southern Africa Youth Project tailor makes and facilitates the GBV or HR Program



Southern Africa Youth Project refers the Youth to Courts, Social Workers and Support Institutions

“Get involved so that we can support victims of Gender-Based Violence to become winners.”

Neftaly Malatjie

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Since 2005

Violence has become the norm in Africa. It is caused by history and certain lifestyles newly built by friendships and peer pressure. Since the establishment of new technology such as smartphones, social media and the development of websites which promotes easy access to new relationships at no cost or at a cost.

Violence in Southern Africa
It has become a culture that everyday young people who are employed between the age of 17 and 35 finds themselves with a disposable income that allows them to drink alcohol. With shebeens and taverns in close vicinity, it means that alcohol is a walkable distance from the residential areas.

Young male peers are engaged in friendships in which upon drinking they suggest different new ways of doing things 90% of the things discussed in taverns and shebeens are to destroy relationships.

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How we do it?

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Everyday, in 10 women 6 women have been brutally abused and hurt by their intimate partner.

The police in Africa receives cases of violence and abuse on a daily basis.

Victims often finds themselves vulnerable at the police station as this causes tensions. Police would ask the victim if he/she wants them to arrest the perpetrator. The victim would refuse.

Victims finds themselves relying on perpetrators for survival for support and basic needs.

get to know each other

You will meet a specialist who will meet you one on one. We will then have a session to discuss your needs.

understanding your rights

Southern Africa Youth Project will provide you with knowledge on Gender Based Violence and Human Rights.

determining your goals

Southern Africa Youth Project will refer you to the relevant institutions based on your needs.
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Are you being beaten, shouted, harassed, badly treated, raped, stressed or traumatized.

Give us a call or email us.

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Southern Africa Youth Project will provide Human Rights, Gender Based Violence and Constitutional Activities. The following questions will be asked to promote participation and contribution (what is, what is happening, what should be done, what the law is saying and what results do we expect and what should we do.

Gender Based Violence

Human Rights Awareness

Paralegal and Referral Support

Constitutional Support

"The change we can provide now is to ensure that women and children are developed to stand up for themselves. We also need to understand the real course of these problems and deal with them.”

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Yes we can help you. All you need to do is contact us at +27 11 071 1903

Southern Africa Youth Project will provide you with the legal advice for any issues that you may have.

We cannot determine here on the internet. You need to call us or physically visit our sites and our expert advisers will help you deal with your case. Cases differs from person to person.

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