I have started to hate my job

Hate my job

Exactly there is no job you will love. After getting the job you start to hate it. The first 3 months you are happy with the job. You thank God, angels and the ancestors for getting it. Then on the 4th month, you start to hate it completely.

Let us be honest we all hate our jobs. No one love to go to work. That is the reason there are rules we hate but we need to follow them. Employers have adopted a new approach. They can ask you to resign. Some employers have introduced technology so that it can replace you.

It might be in Africa technology is still early. However, large companies have started purchasing robots and machines to replace people. It means that 10 people will be replaced by 1 persona and 1 robot.

Of course since you are bored your bosses have seen you and they will make you join the other 9 so that the robots can do the job 24/7 without complaining.

We advice you to step down or resign immeidately so that others who will love tthat job can come on your space and replace you.

Why do you get bored at work?

Most of us spend 8-12 hours at work and 2 hours with our colleagues at work.

Can you imagine 12 hours X 5 days X 12 months you have over 2 880 hours of boredom. This is going to kill you as a person. You need to look at 2 options

  1. You resign: Obviously you will get something you will love and you will not get bored.
  2. You fit in: You start to love everything about your work.

We may argue but no work is fun. There are few people who loves their jobs out there. so if you are bored at work you need to look at other alternatives that can help you as a person.

At Southern Africa Youth Project we address the psychological issues faced by young people at work by finding and collaborating for solutions which will enable the youth to love and fit in their job.

To support our program call us at + 27 11 071 1903 Email us at info@southernafricayouth.org

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Why is my job irritating me?

Let us be honest. Is the job really irritating or someone is irritating you? I guessed it right. Sometimes you do not get irritated by the job. It might be the person above you. Sometimes we are

I have my boss or supervisor what do I do?

When you find that you and your supervisor do not see eye to eye. It is always best to deal with that before you can look for other options. Many people would advise you to look for other opportunities or jobs elsewhere. Sometimes when you did not heal completely this might now work as every job can be irritating. here are the best options that can work for you.

  • Stop arguing with your boss. Whenever they request you to do something try and do as they say.
  • Reduce questioning too much and advising them as they might feel undermined.
  • Come to work early and leave exactly after knock-off time.
  • If your boss or supervisor always shouts at you. You must make sure that you do not respond back.
  • We know it is not easy to not respond but it is the best medicine many people have applied for generations.

Am I hating the job or my boss?

A job is a job. In every job there is leader people do not hate the job. They hate the person who is leading them.

We need to understand that as human beings we are lazy. We want to go to holiday destination, drive expensive cars and live a luxury. But we do not want to work. We need to live and pay our bills. The boss has created a company so that he can create opportunities for you to pay your bills. But when you get to work you then change as a person.

What do you expect the boss to do?

Due to past experiences leaders, supervisors and bosses have been friendly with their colleagues and this has created low production, theft, loss of time and companies have lost lots of money beacuse everything was a mess. It has led leaders, supervisors and bosses to start looking for people who have exceptional leadership to take care of their productions and also to look at people if they are important.

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This is where managers, supervisors and assistants came in.

Since people love to relax companies have been taking people on written warnings, dismissals and early

What do I do when I do not like my job?

You need to answer yourself whether you have a problem with the job or the leader. If you do not like the job. You must answer the following questions

  • Are you doing something out of your scope: So it means the job you are doing came to you accidentally. It is not what you wanted to do in life.
  • Is the boss/surpervisor level of think below yours: So it means that your bosses level of thinking is below your standards. You think better than him or her.
  • You are over creative: When they suggest something small you can even think of the bad that may happen of that. You analysed the risks and everything.

Hopefully the problem is not the job it might be you. It is because your level of think is of an entrepreneur. If it was the case you were supposed to be the supervisor or be supervised.

I have been cheating on my work with sick notes?

When you cheat with sick notes is the same as someone cheating on their intimate partner.

You need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Your boss might understand the same tricks you are applying since he once did it.
  • Your boss might use lie detector on you to check if it is true that you are lying.
  • Your boss may come to your house in your sick time to take you to hospital.
  • Your boss may be praying and fasting for you to leave the company.

The question is are you comfortable with the above statements.

We keep on asking people why go to work that you hate when you can leave it for others to take over.

So you need to either RESIGN or ATTEND at work.

You do not want the company to stop attending to projects and its customers to move all the attention to you. You will not like it.

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Is Technology going to take our jobs?

According to the Barnabas Lekganyane the spiritual leader of the Zion Christian Church during his ceremony held at FNB Stadium on 25 November 2019. He was quoted saying that Technology is here to stay young people needs to study Mathematics and Science so that they can be part of this technology. It was also explained that people are going to loose jobs but new types of jobs will be created.

Technology cannot replace what a human can do also Technology will require human to service it.

Even though there will be 4 robots against one human supervisor. It is adviced that we need to take Technology serious and start implemeting.

Looking at China is able to produce everything in machinery from small items to large items. Africa itself needs to start looking into it as well.

Southern Africa Youth Project is one of the best examples of youth non-profit organisation in technology. We have seen the organisation

Are you recruiting?

Southern Africa Youth Project has first-time job seekers available for you. Whether you are looking for a receptionist, administrator, bookkeeper or whatever the title you have.

We have got it all covered. We have over 10 000 youth between the age of 18 – 35 located all over the continent taht are looking for first time. Some have worked before.

To recruit from us. We need you to send us an email to info@southernafricayouth.org with the specifications.

We also assist with the following at a small fee.

  • Selecting the best candidates for you.
  • Help you with interviewing the job seeker.
  • Shortlisting the best jobseeker for you.
  • Matching you with the right candidate.

Southern Africa Youth Project can assist you with 1 – 50 candidates at a time whether it is for

  • Learnership
  • Internship
  • Bursary
  • Part time or full time job
  • Scholarships
  • Training

We have got it all covered. Give us a call at +27 11 071 1903 or send an email to info@southernafricayouth.org

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