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Southern Africa Youth Project is registered as a non-profit organisation and non-profit company in South Africa. Southern Africa Youth Project s registered as a tax-exempt organisation.

Southern Africa Youth Project has over 15 years’ experience of project coordination, planning, implementation, checking and evaluation.

Since the organisation has managed to collaborate with school-going teenagers (14 – 17 years old), Young Adults (18 – 25) and Adult Youth (26 35).

Southern Africa Youth Project is also an umbrella organisation where Southern Africa Youth charities affiliate under Southern Africa Youth Project.

SayPro has a membership of 30 charity organisations. We will be hoping to increase it to over 200 members by the end of 2025.

Southern Africa Youth Project has been and is still the best in program development, design and has active monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure that the project is addressing challenges to solutions.

With its experience, the organisation has been refining its monitoring and evaluation tools in which through its strategic partners and implementing member partners.

Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to develop best tools and strategies to ensure that we track results and to create a uniform structure for beneficiaries to access services within the country and the continent without having to start from scratch registering.

A recipient can visit from branch to branch to receive uniform service with the same level of experience across the provinces and countries.

Southern Africa Youth Project has worked with over 50 000 in and out of school Youth. We will be working with over 20 secondary schools from townships and rural areas.

Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to implement different programmes such as the Southern Africa Youth Project has worked with 57 030 Youth.

3 430 Youth have children get the South African Child Support Grant, which is payable every month to support the child, 3 520 have an income, through Southern Africa Youth Project they have managed to get employment and 53 510 Youth does not have an income.

Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to provide referral services to 34 930 Youth to different institutions such as job recruitment agencies, social services, social workers, police services, government services and private sector opportunities.

We have worked with 55 420 Youth who are out of school between 18 – 35 who receives service. We also worked with 1 610 school-going children who received entrepreneurial, psychosocial, digital skills and afternoon care program.

We have managed to place 6 720 Youth who have managed to get jobs and opportunities such as jobs, learnership, internships, bursaries, scholarships, apprenticeships.

Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to work with 34 930 Youth in Advice and Referral. 17 170 Youth in Health and Welfare, 6 720 Youth in Opportunity Placement, 10 110 in Youth Skills Development. 8 820 in Work Readiness and 4 890 in Youth Development activities.

To breakdown the above the numbers Southern Africa Youth Project provided bookkeeping/Accounting program to 470 Youth, Cashier/Point of Sale to 3 000 Youth, Computer Training to 5 600 Youth, Continuous Development to 100 Youth, Customer Service to 1 740 Youth, Drivers Licence to 60 Youth, Hospitality to 2 010 Youth. In-house Training to 120 Youth, Clients Licence to 30 Youth, Legal knowledge in occupational hygiene to 110 Youth, Programming to 1 220 Youth, Safety awareness techniques to 130 Youth, System Support to 710 Youth, Waiter to 2 540 Youth, Yes4Youth/YES Passport to 14 Youth, Afternoon Care Program to 480 Youth, School Entrepreneurship to 4 470 Youth.

It has become apparent that Southern Africa Youth Project works with the beneficiaries as it worked with 90 (0 – 11 years old), 3 140 (12 – 17 Years), 24 410 (18 – 35 Years), 26 580 (26 35 Years), 2 810 (36 Years and older). Southern Africa Youth Project works with majority youth between 18 – 35 years. However, due to the request, we have collaborated with clients in school and adults above 36 years old.

About Us

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