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About Us

Southern Africa Youth Project was founded in 2005 by Neftaly Malatjie to change the way young people think about themselves
There is a dire need to address the high unemployment rate and low economic growth in South Africa, specifically with regards to its effects on the most affected – youth from underprivileged communities. We have realized that we need to address the issues of a large, poorly educated youth whom do not have the social capital, workplace skills, work experience and job placement opportunities to be sustainably and formally employed.
Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered non-profit organization that aims to take unemployed youth from underprivileged communities in South Africa from Poverty2Jobs. In partnership with government, corporate entities, non-profit organizations and international partners Southern Africa Youth Project provides work readiness programmes, accredited technical and trade training, and recruitment and job placement services for youth from these communities.
On the demand side, Southern Africa Youth Project prepares first time employees for formal work – providing a pool of skilled workers for businesses, and minimising the risks associated with employing first time job seekers – as identified by partner (employer) organisations. We have built a model which is replicable to identify first time job seekers and train them in key technical and scare skills required in the South Africa economy and by the potential employer. Once youth have been upskilled and provided the social capital to enter formalized employment, the Southern Africa Youth Project links these young people to employers, based on the employers’ needs and wants. Further, Southern Africa Youth Project also assists job seekers in identifying which of their skills may need improvement and provides technical and social support to upskill potential employees before entering the formal job sector.
On the supply side, Southern Africa Youth Project sources and selects young people who exhibit demonstrated potential but who have gaps in work readiness, and puts them through an intensive bridging programme that helps them cultivate the skills and personal development needed for success in the workplace. They are then placed in pre-selected, permanent, formal-sector jobs.