Our Management inspiring 100%

We could not be an institution that we are if it was not for our management who works tirelessly. We value our management as they make the impact and deliver on the results. Here is the team behind transformation, development and support services.

our management southern africa youth project neftaly malatie

Neftaly Malatjie

Chief Executive Officer | Southern Africa Youth Project

Neftaly Malatjie is the founder of Southern Africa Youth Project. Neftaly has the vision to change the way young people think about themselves and their families. He has transformed our management team to change the lives of the youth and children in poor and vulnerable communities. He continues to provide leadership and training to the team to ensure that they adhere to what they promised to their partners and funders. Neftaly Malatjie currently holds multiple qualifications from UNISA and other training providers.

Neftaly is also:

  • Chairperson of Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project.
  • Director at Southern Africa Youth Project.
  • A Philanthropist in other organisation.

Nancy Nghonyama

Strategic Partnerships Manager | Southern Africa Youth Project

Nancy Nghonyama is the head of marketing at Southern Africa Youth Project. Nancy has a personal interest in making an impact in the lives of the Youth. Nancy has been strategic in new projects development, design and costing. She ensures that our management sticks to what it declared it will deliver. Nancy currently holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from the University of North West.

Clifford Legodi

General Manager | Southern Africa Youth Project

Clifford Legodi is the head of operations of Southern Africa Youth Project. He also serves as a lead Manager for sister organisations such as Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project, Southern Africa Youth Project NPO and Neftaly Management. Clifford has been a brand ambassador for Southern Africa Youth Project for 5 years. He currently holds a Bachelor in Management Accounting from Southern Business School.

Mulalo Nelukalo

Legal and Compliance Officer | Southern Africa Youth Project

Mulalo Nelukalo is currently the Head of Legal and Compliance. She is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is up to date in terms of legislation. She also ensures that the organisation manages its affairs in a legally compliant manner. She currently holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Limpopo.

Tsakani Rikhotso

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist | Southern Africa Youth Project

Tsakani Rikhotso she is the police officer of our management. She is always there to give a push to the team. She is well known for asking, checking and pointing on what we do not realise. The organisation could not be grateful at all if it is not for her. Tsakani has a passion for checking, verifying and assessing. She has a motherly love for everyone. She questions the impact that we are making to the lives of the youth.

Mulalo Mavhungu

Financial Manager | Southern Africa Youth Project

Mulalo Mavhungu is the lead behind the organisation’s financial management. Mulalo has a passion for numbers, monitoring and reviewing numbers. He has been a pioneer in digitalising the organisation’s finances. Our management has made a huge impact on the lives of the poor. Mulalo Mavhungu holds a Diploma in Financial Management from Vhembe Technical Vocational Education and Training College.

Rebecca Maapola

Administration Manager | Southern Africa Youth Project

Rebecca Maapola is a pioneer behind the organisation administration and people management. We all rely on her to make sure that we are happy daily and monthly. She has a passion for keeping things in order even when our management team makes a mess. Rebecca currently holds multiple certificates from different training providers.

Linah Ralepelle

Programs Specialist | Southern Africa Youth Project

Linah Ralepelle is the one every young person in townships and rural areas go to for advice, information and referral. She has a passion to help those less privileged. She loves to give her time and share experiences. Having her with us it is a blessing as she creates a space for youth to grow and see their potential. With support from our management, she has been able to transform thousands of people. You can meet Linah at Southern Africa Youth Project – Diepsloot

Our Management