Register for a Short Course in Communication

Register for a Short Course in Communication

Course ID: 8970

To register to this program, send an email to or call + 27 11 071 1937

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Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered institution with Media, Communication, Information Communication (MICT SETA) Sector Education and Training Authority with registration number ACC/2013/07/3086. Southern Africa Youth Project is captured on the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA Website) under each qualification. Since all our programs are registered, we provide a recognised certificate and a statement of result.

SAQA Unit Standard Title: Write texts for a selection of communicative situations

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Do you want to get training for yourself, or you have acquired grants from the SETA? At Southern Africa Youth Project, we train individuals non-profit organisations, companies, government and individuals. The programs can be done online on our online portal or face to face by a lecturer or facilitator.

NQF Level 03



Students write texts with complicated matter and a need for various levels of formality in language and construction. They select text type, subject and style to suit exact audiences. Writers can use a computer and features to influence readers. They edit their writing to meet the demands of a selection of text-types. They use language appropriate to the workplace or the technical environment as required.

Students qualified with this course can write for an audience and purpose
use language structures and features to produce clear and cohesive texts for a wide selection of frameworks
draft own writing and edit to improve clarity and correctness

No minimum requirements for this program

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