Register for a Short Program in Basic Excel

Register for a Short Course in Basic Excel

Course ID: 116940

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Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered institution with Media, Communication, Information Communication (MICT SETA) Sector Education and Training Authority with registration number ACC/2013/07/3086. Southern Africa Youth Project is captured on the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA Website) under each qualification. Since all our programs are registered, we provide a recognised certificate and a statement of result.

SAQA Unit Standard Title: Use a Computer-based or Online Program based Excel application to solve a given problem

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Do you want to get training for yourself, or you have acquired grants from the SETA? At Southern Africa Youth Project, we train individuals non-profit organisations, companies, government and individuals. The programs can be done online on our online portal or face to face by a lecturer or facilitator.

NQF Level 03

6 Credits


This course is for a student who needs to plan, produce, use and Excels to solve problems using a Computer-based or Online Program based Excel application either computer users or as basic knowledge for a career requiring this competency, like the ICT industry. A student registered with this course can Prepare and produce Excel to provide a solution to the problem. Adjust settings to modify the view and preferences of the Excel application. Work with multiple worksheets. Apply formulae to sheets to provide alternative solutions to a problem. Apply simple built-in functions of the Excel application to the given problem. Apply formatting to an Excel applicable to the given problem. Use special effects to improve the PowerPoint of the Excel. Evaluate Excel. The performance of all basics is to a course that allows for further learning in this area.

ENROLMENT REQUIREMENTS We assume that a person has a basic understanding and uses communication skills in the field of this program.: Use generic functions in a Computer-based or Online Program environment, NQF level 1. ID 116937 Use a Computer-based or Online Program based Excel application to create and edit Excels, NQF level 2.

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