Register for a Short Program in Excel Integrity

Register for a Short Course in Excel Integrity

Course ID: 258878

To register to this program, send an email to info@southernafricayouth.org or call + 27 11 071 1908

You can alternatively buy the course here on the Http://www.southernafricayouth.org/courses

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SAQA Unit Standard Title: Ensure Excel integrity to enhance reliability

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NQF Level 04

3 Credits


This course is for a student who works with Excels and for whom the reliability of the information produced is critical. A person registered with This course can Set up an Excel. You are applying security. We are checking input information. We are checking formulas and totals. We are checking output information. Auditing Excels. Validating and sorting data in Excel. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

TO ENROLL ON THIS PROGRAM  We assume that a student is competent in the following: Maths knowledge at NQF. Communication at NQF. Knowledge of Excel applications. COURSE SELECTION This course applies to all Excels. Where words are not exact for the chosen operating system or application, the student can choose the equivalent item or option to show competence in the specific outcome or assessment criteria.

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