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Register for the program Business Calculation Course

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To register to this program, send an email to info@southernafricayouth.org or call + 27 11 071 1934

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Southern Africa Youth Project is a registered institution with Media, Communication, Information Communication (MICT SETA) Sector Education and Training Authority with registration number ACC/2013/07/3086. Southern Africa Youth Project is captured on the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA Website) under each qualification. Since all our programs are registered, we provide a recognised certificate and a statement of result.

SAQA Unit Standard Title: Perform Basic Business Calculations

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NQF Level 03

6 Credits


This course is for a student who is required to perform routine financial transactions and calculations.

Individuals who are receiving certificates for this Course be able to apply the procedures necessary to initiate the recording of disbursements and revenues and to understand the financial implications to the organisation of each component in the transaction.


Numeracy and Literacy at NQF

INTFIN 1: Commercial Arithmetic
EUC2: Operate a Personal Computer or equivalent

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