Tourism and Volunteer Management Unit

Southern Africa Youth Project has a tourism and volunteer management unit dedicated to supporting local and international individuals and organizations to accelerate give and learn.

Our Tourism and Volunteer Management Unit

  • Manages airport pick ups and drop off of volunteers and tourists.
  • Management and facilitation of accommodation and logistics on behalf of volunteers and tourists.
  • Provide spaces for volunteering in our organizations and sites.
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation of volunteering and tourist trips.
  • Guiding volunteers and tourists to places of relaxation and entertainment.
  • Manage tickets, refreshments and venue hiring on
  • behalf of volunteer and tourists.

  • Are you and your group/friends/partners interested in visiting South Africa.

    Are you interested in the following:
  • Visiting safari and seeing the wildlife Africa has to offer.
  • Visit townships, rural areas and villages to make impact.
  • Visiting old historic building and facilities.
  • Want to dress in culture, perform, prepare, cook and give advice.

  • If your answer is yet to all above.

    Then let Southern Africa Youth Project take care of that for you.

    Southern Africa Youth Project takes care of everything in one price.

    All you have to arrange is your return flight ticket and also your snacks including extra beverages.

    We have previously hosted happy visitors from
  • Lithuania, Europe
  • Vietnam, Asia
  • Peru, South America
  • Tanzania, Africa
  • Ghana, Africa
  • Namibia, Africa
  • USA, North America
  • China, Asia
  • Bolivia, South America
  • United Kingdom, Europe

  • We tailor make the program and planning. We do not have the exact time. You get to decide the time, dates and the duration.

  • Terms and Conditions Apply for Volunteer and Tourism Management.
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