We hosted 4 continents on youth employment and cultural exchanges

In partnership with the European Union Erasmus+ Southern Africa Youth Project hosted Lithuania, Peru and Vietnam in Johannrsburg, South Africa.

One of the key strength of Southern Africa Youth Project is to work in collaboration with like minded people and organisations which we share similar goals.

Southern Africa Youth Project has for the past 5 years worked with partner organisations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America.

We have hosted the Youth for cultural exchange in:

  • Asia: Vietnam, China and Cambodia.
  • Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Egypt, Moroco, Cameroon, Mozambique, Tanzania, Demcratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Somalia.
  • Middle East: Israel.
  • Europe: Italy, United Kingdom, France and Spain.
  • America: United States of America, Canada, Peru and Mexico.

Part of the activities we conducted in these partnerships are:

  • Hosting employment exchanges.
  • Cultural Exchanges between countries.
  • Hosting each country for a period of 10 days to 3 month showcasing our work.
  • Fellowships and 3 to 12 months internships for young people.
  • Hosting tourism activities and showcasing the beauty of our countries.
  • Co-hosting activities and projects.
  • Conducting train the trainer on activities each country is implementing.

Southern Africa Youth Project is registered with the European Union PIC and United States SAM DUNS.

Partner with us at info@southernafricayouth.org or call us at +27 11 071 1903

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